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Drug Treatment Thousand Oaks

Drug Treatment Thousand Oaks

Drug Treatment Facilities in Thousand Oaks

At Lotus Recovery Services located in Thousand Oaks, we offer a sanctuary for those journeying from darkness to light in their battle against substance abuse. Our serene setting at 191 W. Wilber Rd. Suite 102, provides an ideal backdrop for recovery, surrounded by the natural beauty that Thousand Oaks has to offer.

Types of Drug Treatment Programs Available in Thousand Oaks

Outpatient Drug Treatment Services in Thousand Oaks

We are proud to offer comprehensive outpatient services tailored to individual recovery needs. Our programs, including Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and standard Outpatient Programs (OP), are designed to support clients at every step of their journey towards recovery.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Options in Thousand Oaks

Although our focus is on outpatient services, we can connect individuals with reputable inpatient options within the community of Thousand Oaks for those requiring a more intensive level of care.

Holistic Drug Treatment Approaches in Thousand Oaks

Embracing the philosophy of treating the whole person, we offer holistic treatment approaches. These encompass a range of therapies designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring a more comprehensive and balanced recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Understanding the complexity of co-occurring disorders, our dual diagnosis treatment addresses both substance abuse and mental health challenges simultaneously. This integrated approach ensures that underlying mental health issues are treated alongside addiction, promoting a more sustainable recovery.

Drug Detox Programs in Thousand Oaks

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery. We guide our clients through this process with the support and supervision needed to ensure safety and comfort, preparing them for the next steps in their treatment plan.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Our medication-assisted treatment options are available for individuals requiring pharmacological support to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This evidence-based approach is carefully monitored to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Support Groups for Drug Treatment in Thousand Oaks

The journey of recovery can be overwhelming, but no one has to face it alone. Our support groups offer a space for sharing experiences, strength, and hope. Through these groups, clients find a community of peers who understand the challenges of recovery and offer invaluable support.

Aftercare Services for Drug Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Recovery is an ongoing journey. Our aftercare services, including therapy sessions, support groups, and sober living arrangements, are designed to provide sustained support for our clients as they navigate their new life in recovery.

At Lotus Recovery Services, we are committed to guiding our clients through their recovery journey with compassion, understanding, and expertise. Our dedicated team, led by Owner and Program Director Erik Shirey and supported by a compassionate staff, offers a beacon of hope for those ready to embark on a path from darkness to light. Our outpatient mental health, drug, and alcohol treatment services are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to recovery.

With Lotus Recovery Services, you are not alone. We invite you to join our community, to find support, healing, and a new beginning in Thousand Oaks. Let’s walk this path of recovery together, towards a future filled with hope and possibility.

Drug Treatment Thousand Oaks

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