Lotus Addiction Treatment Center Thousand Oaks, CA

Our Mission Is to provide a professional & honest approach to Recovery.

Lotus Recovery is Mental Health and Substance Abuse outpatient facility located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our programs are customized to fit the needs of each individual who becomes one of our valued guests. Our goal is to assist our guests in reinventing themselves and establish a new identity that they can be proud of. By the time our guests transition out of our addiction treatment in Thousand Oaks, CA they will have the tools necessary to be successful in recovery lead happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Experienced Staff:

All of our staff members are in recovery and/or have struggled with Mental Health. Combined our staff has over 50 years of sobriety. 

Professional & Friendly:

Our rehab in Thousand Oaks, CA believes in providing a warm and welcoming environment for all our clients. Our professional yet friendly staff is always ready to support you on your journey.

95% Completion Rate

95% of our guests that start our program, complete it, and become alumni. Many continue to help the newer guests in the program.

Same Day Appointments

We understand that time is of the essence regarding recovery. That’s why we offer same-day appointments to ensure you can start your healing journey as soon as possible.

Most Insurance Accepted

We accept most major insurance providers. Click the “Call Now” button to speak with our admissions team to see if you’re covered.

On Call 24/7

We know that recovery can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why we offer 24/7 on-call support to ensure that you have the resources you need whenever you need them.

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Our Addiction Treatment Services in Thousand Oaks, CA


Mental Health

We treat all 4 types of Mental Health: 1) Mood Disorders – Such as depression or bipolar disorder 2) Anxiety Disorders 3) Personality Disorders 4) Psychotic Disorders – Such as schizophrenia. Mental Health issues left untreated


Addiction Services

We treat all types of addiction, including but not limited to: Substance Abuse – Drug Addiction and/or alcoholism, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction,


Impulse Control Disorder

We treat ICD, which is when people lack the ability to maintain self-control which ultimately results in the onset of extreme disruptions and dysfunctions in one’s life.


One on One Therapy

Involves meeting with a therapist individually in order to reduce internal suffering, which often causes problematic behavior


Group Therapy

Is therapy or educational topics conducted in a group setting. This gives the clients to interact and share at a group level and benefit from each other’s experiences.


Family Therapy

Is a type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt welcomed and supported by the compassionate and skilled team.
The personalized treatment plan created for me was incredibly effective in helping me overcome my addiction and mental health challenges. I appreciated the individual attention I received and the ongoing support that was provided throughout my journey.
I highly recommend Lotus Recovery to anyone seeking outpatient mental health, drug, and alcohol treatment services. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve autonomy and a sense of community, and they truly go above and beyond to ensure their clients succeed. Thank you, Lotus Recovery, for helping me on my journey to recovery.


Brett Vasquez