Sound Baths

A man sitting on the floor with a bowl of water, engaged in a peaceful moment of reflection and tranquility.

Sound Bath Healing Sessions in Thousand Oaks

Healing Through Harmony

Lotus Recovery believes in supporting our clients’ recoveries using a variety of therapeutic interventions. Each person is different, and you are likely to find that some therapies work better than others. One therapy that we see success with is sound baths, which is a form of meditation that immerses you in sound frequencies produced by various instruments, such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes and vocal tones. The goal of this therapy is to encourage relaxation and meditative states, which is achieved by influencing brain waves.

Could sound baths be something that will support your recovery and lead to improved mental health? It’s possible! Let’s learn more about this unique therapy and how it can benefit your journey.

What Are the Key Aspects of Sound Baths?

The most common instruments used in south baths are Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and tuning forks. These instruments have been carefully chosen based on the unique vibrations and tones they produce, which are believed to impact the body and mind. The setting also plays a role in sound bath therapy, with quiet, dimly lit spaces being best. Our clients also keep comfortable during the sessions by lying on yoga mats, cushions or blankets.

The primary goal of sound baths is to induce relaxation and stress relief. Not only is this a valuable tool when you’re recovering from substance use, but it can also be used later down the road when you’re faced with challenges. After all, life can be stressful at times, and it’s important to have various ways to cope and bring your mind to peace.

During a sound bath healing session, you’ll close your eyes and relax, focusing on the sounds around you. These sessions last about 60-90 minutes and are led by trained therapists. Sound baths are easy and non-invasive, and once you get comfortable with these healing sessions, you can “bathe” yourself in sound waves whenever you need it.

Women in meditation while practicing yoga in a training room. Happy, calm and relaxing.

How Sound Baths Support the Recovery Process

Sound baths are a complementary practice that support recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Here’s why they work:

  • Stress reduction. High stress levels are often triggers for relapse. Sound baths remove stress by inducing deep relaxation and promoting a calming state.
  • Emotional regulation. People who experience substance use or mental health problems often struggle to regulate their emotions. Sound baths promote emotional balance by helping those with suppressed emotions and trauma.
  • Enhanced self-awareness. Sound bath sessions can also help you build greater self-awareness by becoming more aware of your thoughts, triggers and habits. This can help you manage addictive behaviors and develop healthier coping skills.
  • Improved sleep. Many people struggle with sleep problems in early recovery. The relaxing effects of sound baths can improve sleep quality, allowing you to build strength and resilience.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression. Sound baths can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are common with substance use disorders. They accomplish this by soothing the nervous system.
  • Non-pharmacological tool. When recovering from substance use, it’s not uncommon for people to want as few medications as possible. Fortunately, sound baths are a drug-free alternative to stress relief.

Soothe Your Soul with Sound.

Lotus Recovery is committed to offering a wide range of holistic treatments for our clients. We want them to have as many tools as possible to support their journeys to recovery. Sound baths are unique, and our clients see great results with them! They are best used in conjunction with other evidence-based practices, such as counseling, meditation and support groups. To learn more about our holistic modalities, contact our team today.