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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in a noninvasive, evidence-based model of physiotherapy.

It aims to help individuals who have suffered psychological trauma recover from negative effects and symptoms through adaptive information processing.

The Adaptive Information processing (AIP) model states that mental and physical health is supported by repeated positive experiences in one’s life that continue to prepare a person to handle new challenges, making the brain fully equipped to manage and process adversity.

Over time many internal and external factors can change the brain and body’s natural knowledge of how to heal.

MDR is a treatment that is helpful to those who struggle to talk about past experiences. During EMDR therapy sessions, traumatic or triggering experiences are talked about in brief segments while a therapist uses tools such as direct eye movements. This is called “bilateral stimulation.”

EMDR is effective because it allows an individual to talk about distressing events while their attention is partially diverted. This makes therapy less emotionally upsetting and eliminates having a strong physiological response during the healing process.

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