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Sober Living in Thousand Oaks, CA: A Place to Heal, A Place to Grow.

A sober living program is a great option for those who are ready to transition out of rehab but don’t have a stable, supportive environment to return to. Sober housing provides a safe community where you can start your life while participating in our outpatient program. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your recovery skills, easing you back into the community with others who are facing similar challenges.

Lotus Recovery offers sober living homes for those who are in rehab or recently completed a program. Our facilities encourage individuals to maintain sobriety by living with others who are also abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Below is more information about our sober living program and how it can support your recovery.

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What is Sober Housing?

Sober housing is just like it sounds. It’s a residence where you live as you start your life without drugs or alcohol. The other residents are doing the same, offering a supportive environment where you can cheer each other on during this transition. Living in this type of environment also encourages you to develop healthy habits and routines, giving you the opportunity to practice what you learned in therapy. This makes it easier to confront challenges and stay on track with your goals.

Even though you’ll be living independently, there are still rules you’ll have to follow. If you don’t adhere to these guidelines, you may be asked to leave. These rules are in place to ensure that the residence remains positive and supportive. Making the transition from rehab to everyday living is usually one of the hardest parts of recovery, and sober housing aims to make this adaptation easier.

When residing at our sober living facilities, here are some of the key rules and guidelines you will be expected to follow:

  • Attending your 12-step meetings
  • Engaging in support groups and counseling
  • Keeping personal areas clean
  • Helping with household chores
  • Showing respect to others
  • Returning home by curfew

Benefits of Sober Living in Thousand Oaks, CA

Research shows that sober housing results in better outcomes. These living environments provide a neutral space, which is helpful for those who have a lot of triggers back home. Understandably, it’s difficult to develop new healthy habits when you return to the same environment you used to use substances in.

Sober housing allows you to start fresh. The benefits associated with sober living are:

  • Improvements in mental health
  • Increased engagement in support groups
  • Higher employment rates
  • Reduction in substance misuse
  • Higher rates of abstinence at 18-month follow-ups
  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

Who are the Best Candidates for Sober Housing?

While anyone who has completed a rehabilitation program and is committed to living sober can reside in a sober house, this arrangement is especially beneficial for those who have a:

  • Home environment that makes it difficult to stay sober due to substance use, domestic violence or other conflict.
  • Living environment that is isolating, with little to no support from family and friends.
  • Difficulty finding employment or socializing with others.
  • Trouble remaining abstinent from drugs or alcohol.
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Supportive Living Services: Comprehensive Services for Improved Quality of Life

In addition to sober housing, Lotus Recovery also provides supportive living. These services assist clients during psychiatric transitions so that they can develop a higher quality of life. Supportive living services are more comprehensive than sober living, as this just covers the living condition.

Supportive housing, on the other hand, offers comprehensive services that include food, house supplies and even healthy activities like a gym membership and swimming pool. A house manager is present, and you will have access to more support services, such as transportation, treatment for mental health disorders and trauma issues, individual assessments and drug and alcohol testing.

Safe Spaces, Healing Places. Seek Support in the Way You Need It.

When you are ready to transition to an outpatient program but need a supportive environment, our sober living services can help. With convenient locations in Thousand Oaks, it’s possible to work, volunteer and engage in other healthy activities while attending therapy and rebuilding your life. To learn more about our sober living options and how they can support a complete recovery, contact Lotus Recovery today.